About My Novel

Title: Work in Progress

Genre: YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Main Characters: Rayne, Aryen, Bethan, Raiken

Pages (so far): 305

Word Count (so far): 79,632

Estimated release day: TBD


Rayne’s life dangles from its last thread on her fraying string.


iddled with years of depression from the deaths of her baby brother and high school boyfriend, and fed up with her alcoholic mother’s taunts, Rayne finds herself standing along the outer rail of a towering bridge, ready to take her life. But when she spots a mysterious glowing object floating above the open air, she is frozen in shock before it summons her to an alternate universe.
Rayne believes she has fallen to her death and has arrived in the afterlife, but after a brutal attack from a strange creature in this new world, she quickly discovers this beautiful planet is no paradise.
No longer just a target for her abusive parents and her shunning peers that had turned their backs on the town’s corrupted family, Rayne has now become the most hated being in all of Salaza’ar—all for being human.
Stuck in a world of colourful aliens wielding powerful magic and high technology, Rayne must fight to protect herself and do everything in her human power to find her way home. What could have been a new start quickly twists into a dark and bitter life she is trapped in, as the target on her back grows larger everyday, the longer she remains alive.


rince Aryen and his kin are baffled. How did a human manage to slip into his world for the first time in nearly a millennia? All Bearers, those who once wielded the power to summon beings from different universes and planets, had been eradicated immediately following the murder of their High Queen, the Queen of Spires. With something that seems too strategic for coincidence that the being showed up as his world ticks closer to the brink of doomed destruction, Aryen questions everything. But with too much on the line as he prepares to win the hearts of his judgmental kin and battle for the throne with his enemy, Aryen must first defy his country and plead for the human’s help in saving his own world.
As much as they need her, none want to see this human live among them—possibly even Aryen—albeit very few. Few, including the Leader of Demons, the Exotar King, who must never know about the human now walking their land—or what the dark king could create with her would be far worse than the end of the world itself.

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