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Disney Villain Book Tag

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I was tagged by @books.and.booksies to do the Books and Disney Villains Tag! I’m a 90s kid, so I grew up watching every Disney movie over and over, to the point where my sister … right this moment… is watching a Disney movie in her room, lol. (She’s 27 and watches a Disney movie nearly everyday.)

Let’s get started!!!


Captain Hook (a book that made you wish time stood still):

ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas. This. This this this this BOOK was not enough for my heart. I mean, it was, but I wish it could’ve been 1000000 pages long, where precious time never passed, so that we could have eternal moments of flirting and love and sexiness and wittiness and tension and UGH.


Cruella de Ville (a book that made you angry):

Tall, Tatted and Tempting by Tammy Falkner. The writing, the characters, the plot, the sexism and disgusting pig of a main character, the immature as shit little brothers who sexually harass the female lead, the constant typos, the disgusting sexual scenes, over sexualizing the lead female for no reason, the disgusting words that came out of every males life. This book infuriated me.


Maleficent (a book full of magic):

Is there really any other answer besides Harry Potter?


Queen of Hearts (a book that made you cry):

ACOWAR & ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas and Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. This book gave me so many feels. It was the first time reading about a deaf character, and (spoiler alert) when Ridge was pounding on the door and spoke for the first time, I. LOST. IT.


Scar (a book that made you want to read again):

Considering I’ve only ever re-read one series, I gotta give it to ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas


Jafar (a book that made you wish you were part of the story):

I want to be Feyre’s best friend, but like how amazing would it be to live in the world of Hogwarts??? Yes, pLEASE.


Shan Yu (a book that was dark but good):

All of the Series of Unfortunate Events books. Reread the first one a couple months ago and damn… I hadn’t realized how dark it actually was reading it as an adult.


Ursula (a book you’d recommend to anyone):

ACOTAR and The Hating Game by Sally Thorne



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